Master WordPress and Turn Your Website into a Business

WordPress is like an ocean, where a talented and an experienced web designer can build plugins and themes based on the requirement. As WordPress interface or software runs on PHP language, it is evident that people from different parts of the world are working towards making WordPress better on a regular basis. WordPress interface is widely used for making websites, which are suitable for both individuals and business men. Here you will learn Master WordPress basic things one by one. I’m using LiquidWeb Hosting to host my site.

The current generation technology provides multiple options for people to market their products and generate revenue with the help of online resources.

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Why can WordPress CMS make a fine website for every business?

  • Right navigation system – It is important for every website to make the visitors experience well in terms of the navigation system. It is not necessary that visitors will look forward to viewing only products or services, as there are other aspects which define the business for both long and short terms. A perfect navigation system in the website lets visitors know the information about the business and products in an effective way. A find navigation system will let the visitors stay on the website and increases the search engine ranking eventually.
  • Sell products – WordPress does provide options for people to make both attractive and featured websites, which can be used by people to sell different kinds of products in an easy way. There are tons of plugins available in the WordPress market, which can be used to set up an E-Commerce website to sell different products and services from time to time. Selling products online is a modern way of doing business, as most of the people prefer to buy from websites or on online resources instead of running around physical shops.
  • Publish blogs and articles – Publishing blogs and articles on the website with the help of right keywords can actually help you to gain a good ranking in search engines. A good ranking can help you attract more customers from search engines, as most of the people look forward to finding information through search engines. A proper and informative blog or an article can help you attract from different places, as it would have a proper set of keywords to increase the traffic on a regular basis.
  • Build reputation – web sites act like a face for the organization in the online world. An attractive can help you build a reputation, as most of the customers or vendors would look forward to finding information about the business in the websites. WordPress can help you build an attractive website, which provides enough information in a professional way, which can build a reputation to different people across the world. Here you will learn more about latest WordPress tutorials.


WordPress websites are usually attractive, as it has various options to add features to the website. An attractive and an elegant website can attract visitors and build traffic in an organic way. A perfect website can help you expand your business by attracting visitors and sell products or services in an effective way.


IMAP Tools

What is POP3?

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3.It is a most recent version of a standard protocol which is used for receiving emails. It is a client/server protocol which receives emails from a remote server to a local email client.POP3 allows you to download the messages from the mail server. You can download the email messages and read them when you are offline. Once you download the email locally, it will get automatically deleted from the server to reduce the space of your email account on the server. It means that it will not give you the best results when you fetch your email account from different places. RFC well described POP3 in 1939. It uses Port 110 as a default port.  It uses a series of commands to retrieve the message from the mail server. Once you download the messages with the help of POP3, it will get automatically saved to your local computer. You can make some implementations to keep your email for some time. It is the reason why POP3 is also known as “Store and Forward Service.” Learn more about IMAP tools here.

what is pop3? : POP3 Stands for Post Office Protocol

By default, POP3 works on two ports: –

  • Port 110: – It is a non-encrypted port for POP3.
  • Port 995: – This port is used when you securely connect with POP3.

While retrieving a message from POP3 server, the client needs to build a TCP session using TCP port 110 Sand identifies itself to the computer which issues a series of POP3 commands.

  • Stat: – stat command asks the server about the number of messages to be retrieved.
  • List: – The list command determines the size of the message to be retrieved.
  • RETR: – This command extracts individual words d. Quit: Ends the POP3 session.

The process of Mail accessing by POP3: – The process of mail accessing through POP3 includes the following steps: –

  • POP3 is client/server software. Therefore, the client POP3 is installed in the receiver’s computer, and the server POP3 software is installed on the mail server computer.
  • The communication procedure of the POP3 is similar to SMTP, and it uses ASCII characters.
  • The process of the communication starts with the reading of the mail.
  • When you read an email, it calls up the mail server and establishes a TCP connection with the message transfer port at Port 110.
  • After creating a secure connection, the POP3 includes a sequence of three stages: Authorization, Transactions, and Update.

Authorization: -You will be authorized to deal with user log in just by sending client name and password.

Transactions: – It collects the emails and marks them to delete from the mailbox.

Update: – Update options delete the read emails.

  • After logging in, it allows you to send a list of commands to its mailbox. One message will be displayed per line until end along with its length by the server.
  • The client of POP3 can retrieve the messages by using the RETR command and mark them for deletion by using del command.
  • Once all the messages get retrieved, the client gives the quit command to the POP3 to end the transaction state. You can now enter the update state for further working.
  • Once all the messages have been retrieved, they get deleted from the mail server. It will send a reply and breaks the TCP connection. We hope that you have got enough information on, what is POP3 all about?
IMAP Tools

What is IMAP?

When you set up an email account then you will be popped up with an option to choose between POP or IMAP. The choice which you make will have a huge impact on the entire experience of receiving, sending and other activities related to email messaging. POP stands for Post Office Protocol and it is the most popularly used email protocol type. Whereas that is IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and many people are looking forward to using this option. In this article, we will know more about What is IMAP?

IMAP: The Basics

what is IMAPAs the name of IMAP says it is Internet Message Access Protocol and it allows you to access your email messages as per your convenient. You can access the messages whenever and wherever as per your choice with the help of internet. All the email messages are safely stored on the server. When you are accessing the inbox, the email client connects to the server and that, in turn, connects with your messages by this you can easily retrieve your messages. There is no need to download or store the message on your computer when you are reading the email message, you can read it directly from the server. There is no need to stick to only one system to read the email. You can receive and read your email from different devices without any loss of information and download the email message. IMAP makes the entire email messaging very smooth and easy.

Using IMAP

IMAP will help you to access, organize, read and sort your email messages quickly and easily. There is no need to download these email messages. This will increase the efficiency of IMAP. The server has all the records of email messages which are being sent. You can also access all the send message easily through that is IMAP. The IMAP will not move any message from your server to the computer, and it just synchronizes the emails on a system which is available on the server. Here you can learn more about IMAP4.

Main Advantages of IMAP

There are several benefits of using IMAP. The initial benefit it that it allows individuals to access email message from anywhere and anytime. You can also access these email messages on a different device of your choice. There is no need to stick to your boring laptop all the time. Secondly, you can simply read the email message quickly, if you want you can also click on the message to download it. Email message does not get downloaded in the first place, there is no need to wait for a long time until the message gets downloaded from the server. Next major benefit is that the attachments are not downloaded with IMAP automatically, this has an additional benefit that you can read the message more quickly. You also have access to the attachment. The best-added advantage is that you can access the IMAP in offline mode. It is similar to that of POP and you can enjoy all the benefit of that is IMAP without investing in high-end equipment.  It is simple and easy to use. It is supported by devices like Smartphone, laptops, tablets, etc.

IMAP Tools

What is Meant by IMAP4 Server?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is an email standard protocol which allows you to retrieve emails from a web server over a TCP connection. Unlike POP3 the IMAP4 does not require to download the emails for recovering purpose. Instead, it allows you to store, view, and manage the emails from different locations and as many times as you want. Your emails are stored on the servers from where they are retrieved. When you read an email using the IMAP4 server you don’t require downloading or saving it to your computer. It enables you to read the email from different devices and without missing a line. IMAP4 server offers both online as well as offline access to the messages.

IMAP4 Server is client-server which is more flexible and offers more features than other client servers. When the user of the IMAP4 server downloads a message, a copy of the message is kept in the server. As the copy of the message remains stored in the email server, therefore it allows the user to access it multiple times and from the various locations. It doesn’t support access to public folders. IMAP4 server does not permit you to send a message to an email server through it. It also supports some additional features that the IMAP4 applications do. For example, IMAP4 applications include a feature of headers of email messages on the server.

Features:  The main character of the IMAP4 are given below to know: –

  • Synchronized Messages and Folders: – IMAP4 allows you to access your messages and folders from different devices and number of times. Once you have enabled the IMAP4, you don’t need to synchronize manually with your device. It also allows pushing email for the mobile users to remain up-to-date with them.
  • Safe Messages: – IMAP4 keeps track of your notes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the problem of a computer crash. It will automatically re-synchronized and log in to your messages whenever you want to access your mailbox.
  • Fast messaging: – This server does not show messages one by one. Instead, it is optimized to display the list of messages at once.
  • Space Saver: – It retrieves messages only when you want to read it. It doesn’t need to download and store the email messages and saves space of your device. This server is also useful to be used in cell phones, PDAs and other devices where the storage space is small.
  • Off-Line work with Messages: – It allows you download the messages if required so that you can work off-line and can send the new messages when re-connected. It will also re-synchronize the changes that you made in the messages offline, including creating and moving messages.

Ports of IMAP4 Server: uses two ports by default

  • Port 143: – It is a default non-encrypted port of the IMAP4 server.
  • Port 993: – This port of IMAP4 is required for the secure connection.
IMAP Tools

Difference Between IMAP vs SMTP for Beginners

SMTP is mainly said to be a simple Mail Transfer Protocol. On the other side, IMAP called as an Internet Access message protocol. These are the main things that everyone wants to know about the fact. These are the two mechanisms that majorly work as a sending and receiving the messages. The main thing IMAP vs SMTP works between the two mechanisms is its functions. SMTP is the mechanism that allows the clients to send the email to the destination. On the other side, IMAP plays the receiver side. It works mainly to receive the email from the sender that is dealing with the retriever side from the server.

These are the main thing that you need to know in terms of sending and receiving the email. If you are currently working on it to sending and receiving the mail, then this is the right time to proceed. So these are the two protocols are always playing the vital role without knowing to us while sending and receiving the mail. Here you can learn IMAP vs POP3 using the above link.

Where IMAP and SMTP used?

These are the two protocols that always playing as a starting and destination process. So both the protocols are completely difference and contrast from each. Thus the IMAP is used to play a role as a receiving side of the email and store it to the server side. Likewise, the same process is done by the Sending side SMTP, and another server will send the email to the destination side so called IMAP. They both are not from the same providers. The main things to know is both the server is in opposite directions until anyone does not subscribe to the same main provider for service. However, it shows the contrast between both the sender and receiver among the protocols.

Incoming and Outgoing process

In terms of the incoming and outgoing process that is IMAP vs SMTP, IMAP protocol is a mail to access the mailbox on the remote server from the sender email client. Also one must keep it in mind that this process is quite tough to handle, but in terms of the convenient part, it syncs easily with any devices. As an important factor, we are sharing the important ports for IMAP that is

Port 143: It is mainly used for TLS that is a default IMAP port.

Port 993: This IMAP port is however used for SSL.

On the other side, SMTP that is simple mail transfer protocol largely plays a role in sending an email. There are some of the important ports that are mainly used for SMTP.

Port 25: It is said to be the default port of SMTP. For information, a lot of local ISPs were blocking the port because of spam. If you configure this protocol with port 25, then you will not able to send the email.

Port 2525: It is the alternative port of Port 25

Port 587: Major users recommending this port for avoiding any type of issues instead of port 25.

These are the three main ports that you need to know at any time before using the ports.

Alternate Protocol

As we all know that the only protocol that to receive the email from the sender if IMAP. Also, the fact is in terms of retrieving the mail pop3 also has the potential to do. These are the both retrieving protocols that everyone needs to know. Also, the fact is pop3 still being used by the users because it supports the older devices. Then the SMTP is the most common widespread protocol to use as an outgoing email protocol.

Important fact

According to the information, there is a number of browser-based emails available. But you don’t need to worry about the fact that the protocol is being used. So while sending the email, you don’t need to think about the protocols at the cause. If you know all the details perfectly then the browser-based services are quite same for sending and receiving the emails. If you need to send an email, then you need to have protocols on both the opposite sides to send and receive. One more thing is you need to configure perfectly with your addresses, otherwise, the emails will not send and receive in opposite site.

IMAP vs SMTP limitations

The limitations while using the IMAP protocol, the mailbox has the quota on the server. One must know that the mailbox will retain the enough space for the new emails. On the other side, SMTP has no way of enquiring the sender. This may lead you to the spam kind of issues.