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Usage of IMAP vs POP3 Protocols in Email

Email is one of the modern inventions of the current generation, as there are a lot of advantages of using EMAIL over the traditional way of mailing. Email can be accessed with the help of a username and a password, which was used while you are registering for an email account. There are a lot of applications, which helps you use Email in a quick span of time on your desktop and gives you a clear view of Emails without having any kinds of advertisements on the screen. The application or the tool is called Email client, which helps you send and receive Emails with the aid of your username and password.

imap vs pop: Both tools are used in Email server


Email clients are being released by different companies on a regular basis, as it has been used by most of the individuals to save time in looking at Emails on a regular basis. Email client helps users to save password and access your email in a secure environment. Email clients let you enter your username and password and to choose either IMAP or POP3 server to use the email client on a regular basis.

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are the most popular email clients, which has been used by Microsoft and Apple respectively. Both Microsoft Outlook and IMail is configured to automatically locate the incoming and outgoing mail server for most of the reputed email service providers, but let’s user to decide on either IMAP or POP3 server. You will learn a lot of things from here.

What is IMAP?

IMAP is meant for people, who are willing to have the emails and the information on the server. IMAP server helps people to secure their information, as it will be available on the server and can be accessed from any place on the earth. This would be very convenient for residential and small time users, as most of the servers do not provide enough space to handle a lot of emails on a regular basis.

What is POP3?

POP3 is suitable for people, who are willing to use the same computer to access the required information. The pop server is very much essential for people, who are having a significant amount of mail transition on a regular basis. As most of the servers provide limited space, you won’t end up losing space on the server, as the emails would be stored in the local storage device.


IMAP and POP3 are both popular in their terms, as you can find a lot of people, who prefer to use emails for different purposes. Here are few advantages discussed IMAP vs POP3.

Advantages of IMAP

  • Mobile friendly – IMAP can be used from any computer across the world and helps you access your information or mail from the server directly. It is not necessary that the user needs to carry the same computer or device to access a particular mail or an attachment.
  • Secure way of accessing mail – As the emails and the attachments would be stored in the server; the user does not have to worry about the security. As there is no particular device or computer stores the data, it is not necessary to worry about the emails and the information on the server.

Advantages of POP3

  • Heavy usage – POP3 is mainly used for IT professionals and management professionals, who prefers to store a lot of information for different kinds of tasks. As it is important to have enough space over the server to have a smooth flow of operation, it is very much recommended to direct all your emails and attachment to save on the local server to provide space.
  • Quick access – It is evident that most of the computers would have a better storage facility than any particular server in general. Users will have an option to set up the disc and space for the email client, which helps you to see the amount of space consuming by the Mail server. As the mail client would be connected to the computer’s local drive, users can have quick access to mail and to view the attachment in an efficient way.
  • No internet access–You will have an option to use your mail client to access your mail without using the internet, as the entire server contents would be saved on the local drive. The convenience of using or accessing emails without the web can help you perform your work from any place on the earth.


If we compare like IMAP vs POP3 both are used equally and comes out with an equal amount of advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider your requirement and convenience before choosing the kind of server, as a wrong selection could erase all the contents on the server. Ensure to take help from a professional while configuring your mail client, as it helps you secure your account in an effective way.


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