We provide all kind of map Tools. IMAP tools are developed with wonderful features which allow you to access all kind of message and folders no matter from anywhere and everywhere.

Below are some attractive features of IMAP tools

Messages Stay Synched 

It is friendly with all type of computer and supports all web browsers too. It makes the task very easy and quick. The best part is there is no requirement to manually do all the tedious sync up on your system before you leave.  

Folder Stay Synched 

IMAP provides computer support to push email and it also allows the Smartphone of the user to stay up to date. You can get the fully synchronized email on the road without any hassle. There is no requirement of buying or maintaining expensive equipment.

Messages Stay Safe 

You need not worry anymore if your computer got crashed. The IMAP has the entire track regarding the messages residing on your server. The moment you log into it, all the messages will be resynchronized without any hard work automatically.

Lightning Fast Over Slow Connections 

The best part about IMAP Tools is that it will display a list of all the messages at the same time. You need not wait long for the messages to display one by one.

Space Saver 

You can view and retain the message only when you are interested in reading it. IMAP works seamlessly for all type of smart phones, PDAs another similar device where there is little space for storage.  It does not occupy much space and does the job very well with limited space.

Work With Your Messages Off-Line 

Another amazing feature of IMAP is that it helps you to work with your downloaded messages in offline mode. You can also send any desired new message as soon as you get connected to the internet again. You can also re-synchronize any changes that you have made to the message during the offline mode. In addition to it, you can also create and move message easily.

Support other Email Program 

IMAP provides additional support to other email programs like outlook too. You can save all your messages, files, and folders. In addition to it, you can easily synchronize them between webmail and your specific email program like outlook.

Spam Shield Pro to Filter Junks 

IMAP Tools has also additional useful feature, it helps you to filter all the junk emails even before the downloading of the actual message. This will save a lot of time.

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