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What is Meant by IMAP4 Server?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is an email standard protocol which allows you to retrieve emails from a web server over a TCP connection. Unlike POP3 the IMAP4 does not require to download the emails for recovering purpose. Instead, it allows you to store, view, and manage the emails from different locations and as many times as you want. Your emails are stored on the servers from where they are retrieved. When you read an email using the IMAP4 server you don’t require downloading or saving it to your computer. It enables you to read the email from different devices and without missing a line. IMAP4 server offers both online as well as offline access to the messages.

IMAP4 Server is client-server which is more flexible and offers more features than other client servers. When the user of the IMAP4 server downloads a message, a copy of the message is kept in the server. As the copy of the message remains stored in the email server, therefore it allows the user to access it multiple times and from the various locations. It doesn’t support access to public folders. IMAP4 server does not permit you to send a message to an email server through it. It also supports some additional features that the IMAP4 applications do. For example, IMAP4 applications include a feature of headers of email messages on the server.

Features:  The main character of the IMAP4 are given below to know: –

  • Synchronized Messages and Folders: – IMAP4 allows you to access your messages and folders from different devices and number of times. Once you have enabled the IMAP4, you don’t need to synchronize manually with your device. It also allows pushing email for the mobile users to remain up-to-date with them.
  • Safe Messages: – IMAP4 keeps track of your notes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the problem of a computer crash. It will automatically re-synchronized and log in to your messages whenever you want to access your mailbox.
  • Fast messaging: – This server does not show messages one by one. Instead, it is optimized to display the list of messages at once.
  • Space Saver: – It retrieves messages only when you want to read it. It doesn’t need to download and store the email messages and saves space of your device. This server is also useful to be used in cell phones, PDAs and other devices where the storage space is small.
  • Off-Line work with Messages: – It allows you download the messages if required so that you can work off-line and can send the new messages when re-connected. It will also re-synchronize the changes that you made in the messages offline, including creating and moving messages.

Ports of IMAP4 Server: uses two ports by default

  • Port 143: – It is a default non-encrypted port of the IMAP4 server.
  • Port 993: – This port of IMAP4 is required for the secure connection.

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