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Updated: June 27, 2016

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What is the IMAP Tools Set? It is a set of Perl programs for use with IMAP servers. IMAP Tools enable you to do a great many things including the following:

  • Copy a user's folders and messages to a new server (
  • Bulk migration of hundreds or thousands of users to a new hosting server (
  • Move messages between folders based on a set of rules (
  • Back up and restore IMAP accounts ( and
  • Synchronize accounts on two different IMAP servers (
  • Purge duplicate messages (
  • Load messages from Maildir servers into IMAP and vice-versa ( and
  • Load messages from Mbox servers into IMAP and vice-versa ( and
  • Do you have a Kerio Connect server? Take a look at the Kerio Archiver
  • and a lot of other things

    What is in the IMAP Tools Set?
    E-Mail Attachment Cleaner
    How do I purchase the IMAP Tools set?
    What kind of support comes with the IMAP Tools?
    IMAP Tools User Guide
    IMAP Tools FAQ
    Do you have a question about the IMAP Tools?
    Read comments from IMAP Tools users.
    Custom IMAP-enabled application development

  • Change History
  • Release Notes
  • Admin Mode
  • SSL Support
  • OAUTH2 Support
  • CRAM-MD5 Logins
  • GroupWise TrustedApplication Support
  • Kerio Master Authentication Support
  • IMAP debugging and tracing